Audiotape - Talking With Your School-Age Child


Finding it difficult to communicate with your children? In this new 53-minute audiotape, Dr. Brooks discusses not only effective ways that parents can communicate with their children, but in addition, he examines the most important values that parents can convey in their communications. Drawing upon his experiences as a parent, psychologist, and educator, he discusses the following themes in a practical, humorous manner using many real-life anecdotes:

  • effective communication is a lifelong process
  • the importance of empathy in appreciating how our messages are coming across to our children
  • the significance of active listening and keeping what we have to say focused and brief
  • being honest, non-judgmental and non-accusatory and learning to validate what our children tell us
  • finding the best times to talk with our children with the fewest possible distractions
  • using communication to foster resilience, self-esteem, compassion, self-discipline and problem-solving skills, and hope in our children

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