DVD - Look What You've Done! Stories of Hope and Resilience, WETA/PBS


“Look what you’ve done!” Whether they’ve failed a spelling test or dropped an easy pop fly, kids with learning disabilities hear those words far too often. It’s no wonder they often give up hope. And it’s no wonder we sometimes overlook what Dr. Brooks calls the “everyday courage” of our children. Dr. Brooks says we need to find each child’s “islands of competence” and then build on those strengths. He offers practical strategies for helping children develop the confidence and resilience they will need to succeed. The DVD now includes the seven minutes that were different on the videotapes of the Parent and Teacher versions into one version. It is also Closed Captioned. In addition, there is an address link to LDonline for a program guide containing:

  • a philosophy section that outlines some basic concepts that can be valuable as you develop your own plans for nurturing self-esteem and resilience in your children and/or students;
  • techniques and strategies that can be applied to help build self-esteem and resilience in students and children with learning disabilities; and
  • a listing of other resources available to help you develop further skills in understanding and nurturing children’s self-esteem and resilience.

Running time: 72 minutes

S&H is $6.

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