CD - Achieving Balance: Overcoming Overload in Your Work and Personal Life

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Feeling stressed out about balancing all of the demands of your personal and work life? Most people are. In this 64-minute audiotape, Dr. Brooks describes realistic, common sense strategies for lessening stress and learning to lead a more satisfying life. Using humor and anecdotes he discusses what he has learned as a parent, husband, and psychologist that can serve to help balance all facets of our lives. Topics include:

  • developing “stress hardiness” especially by changing self-defeating mindsets
  • changing the “negative scripts” in our lives by recognizing that we can be the authors of our own lives
  • being spontaneous and unpredictable at times and using humor to handle difficult situations
  • strengthening our ability to be empathic to develop more effective relationships at home and at work
  • learning to set priorities and develop specific, realistic short and long-term goals
  • learning to be pro-active in achieving these goals
  • appreciating that mistakes are experiences to learn from rather than feel stressed about