Parent, Family, & Community Groups

In his presentations for parents, family, and community groups, Dr. Brooks describes what parents and other caregivers can do to help raise resilient, caring, and self-disciplined children and adolescents.  One presentation specifically examines relationships among all family members, identifying factors that promote closeness and respect. Still another talk highlights what adults can do for themselves to lead more resilient, meaningful lives.

Titles of Presentations

  • Raising Resilient Children and Adolescents
  • Raising a Self-Disciplined Child
  • Fostering Family Closeness and Respect

  • Strategies to Lead a More Resilient, Meaningful Life

There is some overlap in these presentations, especially in terms of an overview of the key concepts involved in a strength-based approach.  These presentations are typically offered in 80-90-minutes in the evening, but they are also available in a half-day or full-day format.  Dr. Brooks always works closely with the sponsoring group to ensure the content of his presentations meets their needs and interests.

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