Educators, Health Care, & Mental Health Professionals

In his presentations for school administrators, teachers, and other professionals who work in schools, Dr. Brooks describes the mindset and accompanying strategies of professionals who are effective in reaching and teaching all students at all grade levels, including college, and creating a positive school environment.  He discusses the importance of creating positive emotions as a foundation for learning. He offers realistic, practical interventions for nurturing intrinsic motivation, learning, responsibility, self-discipline, caring, and resilience while lessening anger and seeming resistance in students. His presentations for health care and mental health professionals highlight a strength-based therapeutic approach that is rooted in identifying and reinforcing the “islands of competence” of both children and adults to help them deal with the challenges they face and lead a more resilient, optimistic, productive lifestyle.  Dr. Brooks also outlines strategies for professionals in the fields of education, health care, and mental health to manage their own stress so that they are more effective in helping those with whom they work. A separate presentation about the latter topic is also featured under the title “Can You Take Care of Students (Clients) if You Don’t Take Care of Yourself?”

Titles of Presentations

  • The Power of Mindsets: Creating a Positive School Climate  
  • The Power of Mindsets: Strategies to Nurture Motivation and Resilience in Students (Clients)
  • Can You Take Care of Students (Clients) if You Don’t Take Care of Yourself?
  • The Power of Mindsets: Nurturing Motivation, Hope, and Resilience in Children and Adolescents with Special Needs
  • Creating Positive Emotions: A Foundation for Motivation, Learning, and Resilience
  • Working with Angry Youth: Strategies to Foster Motivation, Self- Discipline, and Resilience

There is some overlap in these presentations, especially in terms of an overview of the key concepts involved in a strength-based approach.  The presentations can be offered in a 90-minute, two-hour, half-day, or full-day format.  Dr. Brooks always works closely with the sponsoring group to ensure the content of his presentations meets their needs and interests.  The presentations pertaining to children with special needs and angry children can be geared not only for professionals but for parents as well.

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