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Resilience in the Face of COVID-19Robert Brooks, Ph.D.

Was it only a little more than a week ago that few, if any, of us in the United States could have predicted what was to transpire during the next several days as a result of COVID-19? We were aware of the existence of the virus, but its virulence seemed far from our shores. Basically, our everyday routine continued with little noticeable exception such as replacing handshakes with fist or elbow bumps. Then, with incredible rapidity and intensity, everything changed in the United States and other countries. The coronavirus demonstrated it had no borders. It spread with great force. The anxiety level skyrocketed in ways I had not witnessed since 9/11. People wondered what to do to protect their families and themselves. The amount of time devoted on the news to the growing impact of COVID-19 increased day by day, eclipsing other news stories. As soon as we heard updates of actions taken to confront the virus, newer up-dates were released. The measures taken within a few days were unprecedented, affecting almost all of us on a personal, national, and global level. Since Monday, March 9, I have had approximately 10 speaking engagements scheduled for the next couple of months

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