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What Is the #1 Habit of Self-Made Millionaires?Robert Brooks, Ph.D.

A friend who works in the financial world sent me a link to an article posted on with the intriguing title “This is the No. 1 habit self-made millionaires share—and it’s also the most overlooked.” It was written by Tom Corley, an accountant, financial planner, and author of Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals. In reading the article I knew that the main intent of this friend in sending me the article was not to provide me with guidelines for improving my financial portfolio. Rather, he knew that the No. 1 habit identified by Corley tied directly to the ideas I’ve advanced for leading a more meaningful, resilient lifestyle, especially in terms of the relationships we develop—whether one is a millionaire or not. From my perspective, the article could just as easily been titled “This is the No. 1 habit shared by people who subscribe to a purposeful, resilient life.” At the beginning of the piece, Corley described research that indicated those who became very wealthy were more likely to exercise regularly, have a healthy diet, read books, and manage their time more wisely. He added, “But the most important—and most overlooked—habit they share that helped

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