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A Thank You to Maya, Teddy, Sophie, and LylaRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

Many of my readers are aware that my June article is my last column until September. As I express each June, I remain very appreciative of the feedback, questions, and insights received from my readers. My main goal in writing these articles continues to be to convey information and ideas that might serve as a catalyst for self-reflection and self-change. *          *          * I recently spoke with all of the faculty and administrators in the Scarborough, Maine Public School District. This presentation held special meaning for me since two of my granddaughters, Maya and Sophie, have grown up in Scarborough and both are students at the high school. I had dinner with them the evening prior to my talk and joked that I would attempt to do a very good job so as not to taint their fine reputations with their teachers. Fortunately, my presentation was well-received by a truly warm and responsive group of educators, and my granddaughters informed me of the positive feedback they heard following my talk. Whew! Their reputations were not compromised. Speaking in Maya and Sophie’s school district reminded me of the numerous times I have presented in Needham, MA where both my sons were

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