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A “Fit” or a “Mis-fit”?Robert Brooks, Ph.D.

The following are two comments I heard at presentations I gave during the past month: “I’ve been teaching high school for 15 years and the level of anxiety of the students seems to be growing at an exponential rate.  Just yesterday one of my students said that he’s really worried that if he didn’t get into his first-choice college, he would feel embarrassed and like a failure.” “One of my students asked me what would happen if he didn’t get into a ‘good’ college.  I asked what he meant by ‘good.’  He said that his parents told him that he had to work really hard so that he could get into a ‘good’ college.  Yet he didn’t really know what is a ‘good’ college, but given the look of worry on his face, it was as if his life would be over if he didn’t get into such a college.”  This teacher then added, “I teach fourth grade.  It was a fourth grader who said this to me!” As is evident from these comments, the level of anxiety among many students is very high.  While a significant source of the angst for high school students is focused on grades and

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