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What Is the Emotional Culture of Your Organization? – Part IRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

“What words would you use to describe the emotional climate that exists in your organization or place of work?” “What words would you use to describe the leadership in your organization or workplace?” “If you are in a leadership position, how would your staff and colleagues describe you?  How would you hope they described you?” “Do you enjoy interacting with the people with whom you work?” “If you could leave your job immediately, would you do so?” “Do you believe your workplace provides a welcoming environment?” These are more than academic questions for me.  In my writings, workshops, and consultations, I have increasingly focused on examining and understanding the climate that exists in an organization.  During the past few years a number of my monthly website articles have examined the mindsets and strategies that serve to reinforce a positive climate in our schools, places of work, and other organizations and the ways in which leaders in these groups can create such a climate.  As examples, my June and September, 2015 columns proposed ideas about engaging students and nurturing positive emotions and purpose in schools.  My January and February, 2014 articles highlighted the themes of engagement and respect in the workplace.

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