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Why Not Choose Health?Robert Brooks, Ph.D.

Imagine for a moment the following scenario: A group of individuals is very concerned about the stress and pressure that people experience throughout their lives—from childhood through one’s senior years, in schools, homes, and places of employment. The group convenes a conference to address this problem. Early in their meetings they come to the realization that the very stressful, often unpredictable world in which we live will not be easy to change. However, rather than throwing up their arms in despair and displaying a pessimistic outlook, they ask, “What steps can we take to cope effectively with this troublesome world and reinforce our physical and emotional well-being?” The group searches for answers to this question, aware that there is not one simple solution. They form subcommittees to examine different components of the problem. One subcommittee is specifically designated to consider actions that each individual can take that will lead to a healthier, more resilient life. This subcommittee initiates comprehensive research that leads to what the members perceive to be practical, realistic recommendations. They believe that the proposal of small, achievable steps will increase the probability of successful outcomes and build confidence for further, more comprehensive actions. The subcommittee is optimistic

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