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The Stories Of Our Families: How Much Do We Truly Know?Robert Brooks, Ph.D.

Do you know how your parents met? Do you know where your mother grew up? Do you know where your father grew up? Do you know where some of your grandparents grew up? Do you know the source of your name? Do you know which person in the family you act most like? Do you know some of the things that happened to your mom or dad when they were in school? Do you know some of the jobs that your parents had when they were young? These are a sample of the 20 questions that comprise the “Do You Know?” scale (DYK) developed by Drs. Marshall Duke and Robyn Fivush, psychologists on the faculty of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.  The full list of 20 questions may be found in a blog written by Duke for The Huffington Post titled “The Stories that Bind Us: What Are the Twenty Questions?”  The link to the blog is:   Duke and Fivush’s research prompted me to reflect upon my clinical work with families as well as my own family history.  I became aware of their research when an educator sent me an article from the November, 2013 issue of New Jersey

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