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What We Can All Learn from the Lifestyle of the CentenarianRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

In last month’s article I discussed the New England Centenarian Study (NECS) being conducted at the Boston University School of Medicine under the direction of Dr. Thomas Perls.  According to an overview and history provided on the website of NECS, the study began in 1995 and included all centenarians living within eight towns in the Boston area.  Since then it has expanded to enroll individuals from throughout the United States and other countries. I reported viewing a CNN-TV segment about NECS in which a woman in the study emphasized the importance of resilience in her life and being able to “come back from great disappointments and hurts and truly, truly be alive.”  She observed, “True maturity is living in peace with that which you cannot change.”  Others spoke of the importance of connections with others and finding purpose for one’s life. As noted on its website, a goal of the NECS project is to understand those lifestyle factors that contribute to “a model of aging well.”  The factors that they identified resonated with ideas I have expressed in previous writings, including “therapeutic lifestyle changes” (TLCs) in my November and December, 2011 articles.  Given the number of responses I received

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