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Gratitude and Kindness: Small Gestures, Large ImpactRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

In reflecting upon my writings and lectures during the past 25 years I recognize that there are certain themes I address and expand upon on a regular basis. These themes tend to be integral features of the strength-based, resilience approach I advocate. I continually discuss these topics given my belief that they deserve to be positioned on center stage and not delegated to the background if we are to lead a resilient lifestyle. Such themes include personal control, charitable or contributory activities, empathy, physical exercise, and connectedness. My hope is that keeping a spotlight on these concepts will encourage people to reflect upon and, when necessary, initiate changes in the ways in which they conduct their lives. Seemingly Small Gestures During the past few months several events have prompted me to share once again my thoughts about two themes that permeate much of my philosophy, namely, gratitude and kindness. Let me begin by emphasizing that the actions I take on a daily basis are not for the purpose of garnering accolades or gratitude from others but rather to insure that I am living life in concert with my values. However, that being said, I am always touched by expressions of

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