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“Race to Nowhere”: Stress and Our Youth – Part IIIRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

This is my last website article until September. As I have written in previous June articles, I am very appreciative of the many thoughtful e-mail messages I have received from my readers in response to my monthly columns. I always welcome your feedback, questions, and insights as well as suggestions for future topics. Your responses are very meaningful to me. One of my primary goals in writing these articles is not only to share information and ideas but to have the information and ideas serve as a catalyst for self-reflection and self-change. I hope the next few months prove satisfying and relaxing for you. *    *    * My past two articles were prompted by viewing and serving as the moderator for the documentary “Race to Nowhere: The Dark Side of America’s Achievement Culture.” I noted that concerned school and community groups have arranged to show this movie as a catalyst for parents, educators, childcare professionals, and community members to engage in a dialogue about the epidemic of unrealistic expectations, pressures, and stresses that are confronting today’s youth. I described in detail what I believe to be certain myths that contribute to an environment that produces stress in our youth. Briefly, one myth

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