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Life’s Transitions: Times of Joy, Times of Sadness, Times for ReflectionRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

This is my last website article until September. As I have written in previous June articles, I truly appreciate the many thoughtful e-mail messages I have received from my readers in response to my monthly columns. I always welcome your feedback, comments, and insights as well as suggestions for future topics. Your responses are very meaningful to me. One of my main goals in writing these articles is not only to share information and ideas but to have the information and ideas serve as a catalyst for self-reflection and self-change. I hope that this goal is realized in this month’s article. The Power of Relationships I have written and lectured extensively about the significance of nurturing relationships with family and friends, of living life in concert with our values, and of cherishing those moments that touch our hearts, minds, and spirit. Events in my family’s life during the past few weeks have vividly reinforced the importance of these themes. A few weeks ago my son Rich and daughter-in-law Cybele celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary by taking a one-week vacation in Aruba. They called upon their trusted (and inexpensive) babysitters, my wife Marilyn and me, to spend a week in Maine

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