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A Grandfather’s Message for Maya, Teddy, Sophie, and LylaRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

I hope that all of you have had a relaxing, satisfying past few months. My summer was very pleasurable, especially enriched when I spent time with my grandchildren. My wife Marilyn and I are fortunate that Teddy and Lyla live just a mile down the road and Maya and Sophie a little less than a two-hour drive up to Maine. Thus, we see them frequently and they provide true joy to our lives. In addition, the Brooks clan had a wonderful family get together during the summer. Relatives from Arizona, Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, and New York all converged on Los Angeles. It was gratifying to observe the ease and fun with which cousins of all ages interacted with each other. I think the ease of the relationship among the adult cousins was facilitated by the fact that most of them remain in regular contact via Facebook (okay, I still have not joined Facebook although I have received numerous invitations to do so- perhaps one of these days). I find it interesting that Marilyn and I often learn about family news through one of our sons or daughters-in-law who regularly keep in contact with their cousins via Facebook. Although I attempt

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