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Reflections on a Career: The Power of Our StoriesRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

Dr. David Crenshaw, a clinical psychologist and author in Rhinebeck, New York, has devoted much of his career to working with very challenging youth, many of whom have suffered significant trauma. He is a person I greatly admire both as a warm and compassionate man and a gifted therapist. Similar to my dear friend and colleague Dr. Sam Goldstein, David is a kindred spirit, an individual who appreciates that while we must never neglect to address the problems that burden children, we can do so most effectively by identifying and honoring their strengths. David informed me several months ago that he was editing a new book and planned to dedicate it to me in recognition of my contributions to advancing a strength-based therapeutic perspective. I felt honored and humbled by his action. David also invited me to author a chapter for the book. I struggled for weeks considering the content and format of the chapter. Given the overall theme of the book about the courage and fortitude of children, I decided I would highlight my thoughts about the role of hope and resilience in clinical work. Re-visiting the Past Little did I anticipate the emotions that would be triggered as

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