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Raising a Self-Disciplined Child: An Excerpt – Part IRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

Dr. Sam Goldstein and I co-authored three website articles during this past school year in anticipation of the publication of our newest book, Raising a Self-Disciplined Child: Help Your Child to Become More Responsible, Confident, and Resilient, published by McGraw-Hill. We are pleased to announce that the book is now available. In our previous articles we addressed such themes as: (a) the significance of self-discipline throughout the lifespan, (b) different parenting and disciplinary styles, (c) the influence of self-discipline on friendships, and (d) the importance of adopting a preventive disciplinary approach, such as by enlisting children to help others. Not surprisingly, in our parenting workshops we are asked many questions pertaining to discipline. We have heard strikingly diverse opinions from parents about what they consider to be the most effective disciplinary techniques. Also, many parents voice confusion and doubt about their disciplinary practices. The interest, varying viewpoints, and confusion expressed by parents (and professionals) served as one catalyst for us to devote an entire book to the subject of discipline. In Raising a Self-Disciplined Child our goal was to convey a strength-based perspective in which discipline is cast as a significant contributor to the emergence of self-discipline, respect, and resilience

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