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Teaching and Displaying Manners: Just an Old-Fashioned Custom?Robert Brooks, Ph.D.

At the conclusion of an evening presentation I gave for parents about “raising resilient children,” I invited the audience to ask questions. The questions posed were very relevant to the topic I had addressed and ones that I am accustomed to hearing. They included: “What do I do about sibling rivalry?” “I have three children each with different kinds of temperament. How do I meet their unique needs, including having appropriate expectations for them, without each of them feeling I am not being fair?” “My husband and I have very different discipline styles. He feels I don’t set limits on our children and I let them get away with doing anything they want. I feel he’s too strict. How do we resolve that problem?” “How do I get my daughter to do her homework?” “My kids never help out at home. They expect me to pick up their dirty clothes. What can I do so that they will be more cooperative?” “My eight-year-old son is shy. He told me that sometimes he felt lonely. I keep telling him he has to make an effort to make friends, but he says he just doesn’t care. I’m at a loss to know

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