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Creating Motivating Environments: Part IIRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

In last month’s article I described current research examining the concepts of success, achievement, ambition, and motivation. I emphasized that these concepts are relevant not only in our roles as parents, teachers, or other caregivers but also in the ways in which we conduct our adult lives. I offered illustrations of ambition gone amok at the expense of adhering to moral and ethical values, and success being defined very narrowly and short-sightedly in terms of the wealth we accrue, the size of our homes, or the colleges attended by our children. I addressed questions about motivation and success and asked, “If we are to create what I call ‘motivating environments,’ that is, environments in which those involved are eager to participate and cooperate, what are some of the key features associated with the cultivation of motivation and accomplishment?” In this month’s article I will explore attributes that are associated with success and also have an impact on motivation. In the third and final installment of this series next month, I will delve further into a theory of motivation that I have found very helpful in designing motivating environments that allow for and encourage different expressions of success and achievement but

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