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Seek What You Love: To Discover Our Dreams and PassionsRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

“I don’t enjoy my work. No, that’s not a strong enough statement. I really dislike my work. I don’t look forward to going in each morning. The day drags. I’m doing things that are of little interest to me. I’m not certain they were ever of interest. You would think that being an executive at a financial institution would bring me a feeling of accomplishment but it hasn’t. The reality is that I’m in a high paying position that I would love to leave, but I can’t change careers now. I’m 45 years old and I have too many financial obligations: a large mortgage, country club membership, two teenagers ready to begin college. You reach a certain lifestyle and you can’t just give it up. I feel trapped. I don’t know why I ever went into the financial field.” As this man shared his feelings in therapy, the extent of his unhappiness was apparent in his tone of voice and the sadness conveyed through his facial expressions. If a twinkle or sparkle had ever existed in his eyes, they were deeply buried by ongoing regrets about the decisions he had made years before about the direction of his life. While

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