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700 Sundays: One Family’s Portrait, One Universal MessageRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

I started to write my monthly article a week ago. The theme I began to address will have to wait. This past week my wife and I attended Billy Crystal’s play 700 Sundays. As the Playbill describes, “Billy Crystal has created one of the most versatile and prolific careers in the entertainment industry, finding success in front of the camera, as a performer in film and television and behind the scenes as a writer, director, and producer.” As most would agree, Billy is one of the best-known, respected individuals in the entertainment field (since Billy is so well-known and comes across in such a friendly manner, I will refer to him by his first name throughout this article). Billy wrote 700 Sundays, an autobiographical sketch, and is the only performer. The title derives from Billy’s relationship with his beloved father, Jack, who died suddenly of a heart attack when Billy was 15 years old. His father worked two jobs six days a week, and the one full day he could spend with his wife and three sons was Sunday. Billy estimated that from the time he was born in 1948 until his father’s death 15 years later, the two shared

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