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“Is It Ever Too Late?” – Nurturing Positive Mindsets Throughout Our LivesRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

The beginning of a new year offers a special invitation to reflect upon our hopes, dreams, disappointments, accomplishments, relationships, and goals. While this reflection should not be restricted to a particular time of year, the reality is that resolutions for change abound during the last week of December (does one ever hear of Memorial Day or July 4th or Labor Day or Thanksgiving resolutions?). Some of these resolutions, if carefully and realistically planned and implemented, will be successful. Unfortunately, other well-intentioned resolutions will not be realized, fading quickly into the background. Many of us are familiar with diets or exercise regimes or commitments to spend more time with one’s family that appear so promising on January 1st but do not last beyond the end of the month. I have frequently been asked, “Why is it so difficult to change? Why do so many resolutions fail? Why do people continue to engage in behaviors that they know can be detrimental to their emotional and/or physical health? Is it ever too late to change?” The answers to these questions vary from one individual to the next. In my clinical practice and workshops, I have heard accounts from people who in their haste

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