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The Boston Red Sox of 2004: Connections to the Past and to the FutureRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

I usually write my monthly articles a few days before the end of the month. On the evening of October 30 I said to my wife, “I’ve been so busy with speaking engagements and so caught up watching the Red Sox in the playoffs and World Series that I haven’t even started to write my monthly article.” I added, “Not only haven’t I started to write the article, I haven’t even had time to think of a topic.” My wife said, “Why don’t you write about the Red Sox?” The idea intrigued me. Similar to many New Englanders and other fans throughout the United States, I feel a strong attachment to the Red Sox (is it any wonder that the fans are referred to as “Red Sox Nation”?). As is well known, even among those who are not sports fans, the Red Sox have just captured their first World Series since 1918 and in the process they truly had tapped a reservoir of emotions in their fans. Although they swept a very solid St. Louis Cardinals team in four games, in order to reach the World Series they first had to play the New York Yankees for the American League

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