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Further Thoughts about Personal ControlRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

I was very touched by the responses I received to last month’s article “”Chance Meetings”” in which I described an incident that involved professional football player Donald Driver of the Green Bay Packers when he was a teenager. As many of you recall, while Driver was stealing a car he crashed into a vehicle driven by an elderly woman who was backing out of her driveway. Driver fled the scene, but something prompted him to return to check on the health of the elderly woman. She was not injured, but by then the police were turning the corner towards her house. The elderly woman, Grandma Johnson, looked at Driver and said, “”Go sit on my porch.”” Without knowing why, he complied with her request. When the police approached, she told them that the person who rammed her car had fled. When they asked who was the teenager sitting on the porch swing, she responded, ““Oh, that’’s just my grandson.”” When the police left, Grandma Johnson yelled at Driver, “”Get in this house. Why do you do this, young man? You could be doing so much more with your life!”” As I detailed in last month’’s article, this chance encounter was

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