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Chance Meetings: Opportunities Gained or LostRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

I recently read a thought-provoking article by Rick Reilly in Sports Illustrated. Reilly, who has become one of my favorite sports writers because of his ability to capture stories of human interest that transcend athletics, devoted a column to professional football player Donald Driver of the Green Bay Packers. Driver stole many cars during his youth in Houston. His nickname was Quickie. “”I could drive pretty good. Anytime anybody in my family needed a car moved, I’’d say, ‘’I’’ll do it.’’ That’’s how I learned to drive. I probably stole 20 or 30 cars and only had to jump out once.”” As Reilly noted, that “once” was to alter Driver’’s life forever. It occurred when he was starting the engine of a stolen car and heard police sirens. He sped away but crashed into a car driven by an elderly woman who was backing out of her driveway. Driver leaped from his car and began to run, well ahead of the police. Although in all likelihood he would have escaped, something prompted him to turn around to check on the elderly woman. She was not injured, but by that point the police were turning the corner to her house. She

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