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A Year of Tragedy, of Hope, of ReflectionRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

As I write this article, the first anniversary of September 11 is approaching. The media and public officials are devoting much attention to this event, as rightfully they should given the magnitude of what transpired on that day and the impact it had and continues to have on our lives. For most of us, reminders exist on a regular basis of the horror that unfolded on 9/11. For the many who lost relatives and friends, the reminders are even more painful and constant. Photos and videotapes of those who died recall past images of happiness, but they also highlight futures bereft of a loved one’s presence. Although it has been almost a year since terrorists attacked the United States, at times it seems much more recent, especially as I continue to reflect on the multitude of thoughts and emotions that the attacks and their aftermath triggered in me. It seems like yesterday that I was writing several articles for my website detailing my reactions to September 11, the loss of one of my brothers to a terrorist attack years ago, the importance of developing and maintaining meaningful connections to significant others in our lives, and the interventions we might use

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