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Further Thoughts about Youth Sports – Part IIRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

Many people responded to my article last month about youth sports. Parents, coaches, educators, and mental health professionals either e-mailed me or spoke with me during breaks at my workshops and were very supportive of the perspective I advocated about the purpose of youth sports. In some instances the person offering feedback wore several hats including parent, psychologist, and coach. At one of my presentations, a man who had read “”Raising Resilient Children,”” the book I co-authored with my close friend, Dr. Sam Goldstein, offered an interesting comment. He said that many of the recommendations we detailed for parents were equally relevant for coaches. I agreed and mentioned that Sam and I have both served as coaches in youth sports and believe that coaches are in an excellent position to nurture what we call a “resilient mindset.” Given the obvious interest in last month’’s article I decided to write a follow-up column to share a selection of insights offered by readers as well as some of my thoughts about youth sports serving as a vehicle to promote confidence, social skills, and resilience in children. Observations of Readers One reader wrote, “”I thought your article on youth sports was right on

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