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Terrorism: Helping Our Children CopeRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

In my last newsletter I shared some thoughts about the importance of connections with other people in the wake of the terrorist attacks on September 11. I was deeply touched by the number of people who e-mailed me in response to my article, reinforcing my belief that it is our relationship with others that serves as a reservoir of comfort, security, and hope, and a foundation for resilience. Since I wrote my last newsletter I attended a meeting in New York City with staff at Sesame Workshop. Although the meeting was several miles from ground zero, I felt a small measure of reassurance as I sensed the ongoing vitality of a city that has experienced such unfathomable horror. Also, interacting with staff of Sesame Workshop, a group that is very dedicated to the welfare of children (in my October article I referenced their website as one containing useful information about helping youngsters deal with the aftermath of terrorism), initially contributed to a more positive tone to my first visit to Manhattan since September 11. However, these positive moments were quickly tempered by a period of sadness as I was driven from New York to a speaking engagement in New Jersey.

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