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A Personal Reflection on the Aftermath of TerrorRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 I wrote a brief, special newsletter to provide the address of a website that included many useful articles for helping children deal with stress and trauma. In this newsletter I will list several other sites that contain material about helping children as well as ourselves cope with the aftermath of the horrors of the terrorist attacks. Then I should like to share some personal feelings and thoughts that have arisen in the past three weeks that I hope will encourage your own reflections following the events of September 11. Reflections Since the terrorist attacks I have had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of people at my workshops and presentations, have received countless e-mails, and done many media interviews. I have been asked what to say to children about the attacks and how to deal with our own sadness, anxiety, and anger. All of our conversations quickly center on some aspect of September 11. The events of that day have touched each of us. Magazine and newspaper accounts describe the increased anxiety, sadness, numbness, anger, difficulty concentrating, and loss of security that many Americans as well as people throughout the world have

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