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Are You a Parent Possessing a Mindset to Foster Resilience in Your Children?Robert Brooks, Ph.D.

My intent was for this month’’s newsletter to be Part III of my series about discipline. However, I have decided to postpone the discipline article until June. Instead, Dr. Sam Goldstein and I were asked by a parenting website to create a quiz that might help parents (and other caregivers) to assess whether they possessed a mindset that fostered resilience in children. We developed 10 questions based on the guideposts we discuss in our book “Raising Resilient Children.” While we wish to emphasize that this is not a test that has been validated scientifically or statistically, we thought our readers would be interested in reviewing the questions and our responses. It is our hope that such a review will help you to reflect upon your own parenting (or teaching) style and examine whether it is a style that strengthens resilience in children. The questions are meant to provoke thinking about one’s interactions with children and not to offer definitive answers for every parenting situation. The Quiz If we examine our parental goals, it would not be an oversimplification to conclude that to realize the goals of helping our children be happy and successful requires them to possess the inner strength

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