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Reflections on ConnectionsRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

I believe that we should constantly reflect upon our lives, including our goals, our expectations, and the quality of our relationships. However, for many people this kind of reflection seems to occur most frequently at significant transition points such as the beginning of a new year. It is little wonder that the word “resolutions” has become linked to the words “New Year.” While I mentioned in my January, 2000 newsletter that many New Year’’s resolutions are doomed to fail since they involve unrealistic goals and poorly defined plans of action, the start of a new year does seem like a natural time to assess what has occurred the previous year and to consider one’s hopes and goals for the next year. In last January’’s newsletter I discussed the importance of altering “negative scripts” in our lives, that is, behaviors we constantly repeat even though they are self-defeating and counterproductive. I outlined what I considered to be realistic steps that could be taken to make even small changes in our day-to-day behaviors so that negative scripts might be replaced by more satisfying, positive scripts. In response to that newsletter as well as to other articles I have written about the characteristics

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