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Education and “Charismatic” Adults: To Touch a Student’s Heart and MindRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

In my previous newsletters I have addressed topics directed to parents, educators, and business people. Since this newsletter is being written at a time when most youngsters in the United States have recently begun a new school year, I want to place the spotlight on two issues specifically embracing education: one, the importance of so-called social-emotional factors in the learning process and two, the lifelong impact that educators have on students. I believe that these two related topics play a central role in the educational process. As many of my readers are aware, one of my primary interests in the field of education has focused on the challenge of creating school environments that nurture the emotional and cognitive lives of students, reinforce motivation and learning, and touch both the hearts and minds of students. I have long advocated in my workshops and consultation activities that the teaching of academic skills and content will be most effective when conducted in an environment that gives more than lip service to nourishing a student’s emotional life. Yet, there have been those who honestly and respectfully differ with this opinion. At one of my workshops a high school science teacher challenged the emphasis I

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