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Changing “Negative Scripts”: We Are the Authors of Our Own Lives–A Message for the New YearRobert Brooks, Ph.D.

First, let me wish you all a very happy 2000. Second, in this my first website column in the New Millennium I should like to share some thoughts about actions we can take so that the New Year might prove more satisfying and productive to us. Have any of you found yourself saying the same thing repeatedly to your husband, wife, children, students, co-workers, colleagues, or employees, and although your words or actions have little, if any, positive effect, you continue to say them anyway? Or can you imagine the following scenario? Suppose there was a miniature Bob Brooks in your ear and I whispered just as you were preparing to say something, “Do you think that what you plan to say is going to work this time even though it has never worked before?” In response you honestly answered, “No,” but proceeded to say it anyway? Many people say or do things knowing that their words or actions will not lead to the desired results. I have been impressed during my career by the number of well-intentioned people who continue to repeat the same ineffective behaviors, but somehow expect a different result. While I believe in perseverance, I also

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